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10:45 - 12:00 and 1:00 - 2:15.

WEDNESDAY – Creation

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[Boy Meets Girl]

Dave and Tara Powers

Ever wondered what that moment was like when Adam first met Eve? Did Adam stumble over his words? Did Eve feel incredibly awkward? Or were they both really cool about it? Regardless of which of these phrases best describe your interactions with the opposite gender, in this seminar we will explore what it looks like to have healthy relationships (dating and non-dating) with members of the opposite sex.

[Adam (Guys Only)]

Anthony Bradley

God created Adam with a purpose. He equipped this man to accomplish very specific things in his relationship with God, those around him, and the world. These same purposes exist for men today. Guys (only), join us as we explore what it means to be the “Adam” God intended us to be!

[Eve (Girls Only)]

Lindsey Rhodes/Emily Shaver

In this seminar you will have the chance to explore how God really intended his most beautiful creation to live. We will explore the joys of what this type of life looks like, but also the dangers of how the world twists what it means to be a woman. Girls (only), get ready to see what God has meant for YOU!

[Naked and Unashamed]

Brian Condello

I know… kind of an awkward title, right? But if you think about it, it’s a pretty cool idea: to be totally vulnerable with someone else and feel no shame in his or her presence. Is that possible? In this seminar we will explore the areas of purity (physically and emotionally). This is a great seminar if you’re wondering how to stay pure in a relationship.

[Living by the Tree (and how to avoid the fruit)]

Matt Archer

Temptations. Is it a “Christian-curse-word”… or am I allowed to talk about them? The truth is, this world (and our flesh) is full of some pretty appealing temptations… that may turn into addictions. So, how do we avoid them, overcome them, and/or gain victory? Is it even possible? Whether it’s you or someone you know, come to this seminar to learn the heart of how to avoid eating the fruit of temptations.

[Made From a Rib]

Danette Matty

Why do we experience confrontation with the opposite gender? How is it possible that we can be so misunderstood by the opposite sex? Our creator has made us, male and female NOT to live in confrontation but to journey with Him together. There is a deep and profound connection that exists between men and women, guys and girls instilled by God. Lets explore how God has wired us to live together, male and female, in His creation.


Francis Chan

Description to come from Francis

[Image: Why I think I’m better than you.]

Josh Mann

Why do we always compare ourselves to others? Why do we care about labels and store names? The truth is, we were created to find our value outside of ourselves. We were made to enjoy acceptance and have a place of belonging outside of ourselves… but a great tragedy has happened. In this seminar, we will explore not only what the tragedy is, but also more importantly, the remedy God has provided.

[Seeing with God’s Eyes]

Danny Hartmann

Everyone else always seems to have it all together, right? No issues. No hurt. But what if we saw people the way God saw people? What would we see then? Loneliness? Fear? Pain? Sadness? In this seminar we will learn how to see people with God’s eyes and how to help them accordingly.

[Plastics Only]

Bryan Halferty...

When God created humanity, He gave us the mandate to subdue and take care of the earth. So what does the word “subdue” really mean? Have we compromised creation in the name of progress? What does it mean to really steward the world that God has created and entrusted to humanity? What does it look like for you, a high school student in the 21st century? This issue is more than just “going green.”

[Be Yourself]

Bradley Hathaway

Do you love to create? Music? Poetry? Stories? Art? Current culture loves to create things and encourages people to be themselves. So, how do we do this in a way that honors God and reflects Him? In this interactive seminar you will explore how to unleash your creative-self in a way that is most glorifying to the One who gave you your abilities!


Steve Argue

One of the greatest gifts that God gave to people is the sacred practice of Sabbath. Sabbath is more than just a day to sit around like a couch potato. Sabbath is more than “one more thing” on our spiritual checklist. Sabbath is about rhythm; breathing in and breathing out. Sabbath is a BIG deal to God – He commanded it and modeled it in the midst of Creation.

[A marriage that lasts in ministry]

Henry Stewart

(For Youth Pastors and Youth Leaders only.)

There are often BIG challenges for married couples involved in ministry.  This seminar gets at the heart of husbands and wives in ministry.  Whether you’re a youth pastor, married to a youth pastor, or married couples working together – lets explore some practical things that youth leaders and spouses can do to live in the tension of marriage and ministry.  

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